Metávila Pizza Ovens

''New generation wood fired ovens'' 

Welcome to Metávilla

Metavila ovens are handmade using the very best materials.
The Metavila series of wood-fired ovens are carefully manufactured, are wood-fired with the premise that they are quickly heated, retain the heat for a long time and are mobile so that you can use the oven optimally at home, but also at other locations.

Every Metavila oven we build is capable of baking a delicious stone baked pizza in about 90 seconds and is also designed to beautifully cook a wide variety of dishes. From roast beef, chicken or lamb meals to cannelloni and lasagna, bread to delicious sandwiches.

Using a wood fired oven will open up a whole new world of outdoor cooking that you will love.

The Metavila ovens are available in two model sizes, in 2 different colors and for a very good price-quality ratio combined with exceptional build quality and a beautiful appearance.

Metávila ''Classico''

The Metávila Classico pizza oven is truly a super oven that gives the serious pizza lover the ability to bake great tasting wood fired pizzas in 90 seconds and is still completely portable! The oven has a large internal surface of 600mm x 600mm.

Metávila ''Grande''

The Metávila Grande pizza oven is a large oven that can easily bake 3 pizzas at the same time. The oven has an extra wide baking floor, 800 mm wide and 600 mm deep. It weighs only 80 kg, making this oven still incredibly mobile.

Warm-up time only 15 - 25 min.

The oven is at the correct baking temperature in just 15 - 25 minutes.

Baking temperature 350 * c

The ovens can reach a temperature of 400 degrees or more, but the ideal baking temperature for pizza is 350 degrees Celsius.

Cooking speed 90sec.  

With a temperature of 350 degrees, you can bake the pizza in 90 seconds.